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A surprising taste of Eindhoven, Italian style

June 7th, 2011

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Guest The Dossier reader-writer Sahana Prakash checked out the Dommelstraat. See what we co-wrote on her experience. If you want to submit a story or a tip, contact!

Don’t be surprised that if passing through Dommelstraat,  you get hungry. The aroma of melting cheese from Antonio’s Italian restaurant won’t escape you, and it didn’t escape me. Antonio’s always seems to be bustling with people, so I reserved a table for my husband and three friends. Would I be pleasantly surprised?

The dimly lit interior wore creepers on its walls and even around the bar. The  wooden tables and chairs were neatly laid. There were spatterings of clinking wine glasses and warm conversation – the ambience was welcoming. The pot-bellied, bald waiter, round-spectacles and all, showed us the last empty table amongst the other occupied ones. He suggested – no surprise here – a Tuscan red Chianti Classico. It flowed smoothly in your mouth and propelled our conversation. While we considered our order, we worked up our appetites; the occasional bite of olive with its buttery dip complemented the wine.

After scanning the menu and having prolonged discussions with the helpful waiting staff we finally ordered. The starter: Gamberetti  saltati con aglio, olio  peperoncino (Fried shrimps with olive oil, garlic and dried chillies) was well cooked, while the taste of chilli and garlic popped in your mouth. Modest in size, it left us craving more. Alla Vegetariana Pasta (All Vegetarian Arabiata Pasta) garnished with fresh tomatoes, peppers and olives was wholesome and delicious. The penne pasta was blended well with its thick tomato sauce. Carre con funghi in Madiera (Lambs crown with mushrooms in Madiera sauce) was soaked in rich brown sauce and was quite simply luscious.

From the moment we started eating, we were amused to note that silence spread the table. Only, an occasional “Could you please pass the salad?” could be heard. Whilst savouring the flavours, I ruminated about this Italian experience in a little postage sized country in northern of Europe. Compared to other establishments peddling Italian food in this city, Antonio’s presentation, service and ambience were a delightful combination and prompted me to plan a trip to Italy at once! (I’ll tell my husband about that one later, you know, surprise him).

The evening far from over, I felt I had eaten Italian food to sustain me for a lifetime. But, the tiramisu, chocolate cake and fresh fruit gelato ice cream were irresistible. Antonio’s hospitality did not end here; we were treated to complimentary liquors, Limencello (lemon liquor), Amaretto (almond liquor), Frangelico (hazelnut liquor) Godiva (chocolate liquor). We toasted the chef and the bald, pot-bellied waiter, bespectacled, who both joined us. They tried to teach me to roll my tongue, to pronounce Amar-etto (in Italian style) as well. I couldn’t perfect it, which wasn’t surprising. The entire restaurant experience however, was.

This little city, Eindhoven – far far away from Italy – will call to you with its melting cheese aroma and will cater to your cravings. In just a few hours of the Antonio experience I was surprised, and more than pleasantly so.

Italiaans Restaurant Antonios
Dommelstraat 16, 5611 CK Eindhoven.
For reservations, call : 040 244 65 47
Opening times 17.00 – 23.30
Click here for the English menu

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