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And all that jazz, at Cafe Berlage

September 26th, 2010

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The lively, cheeky face of Ernst van der Pasch

Sundays at 5pm, free. Jazzzzz.

I popped into the Grand Café Berlage this arvo, to see who was on. It was Ernst van der Pasch, a young cabaratier and band. Next week’s line up will be “Jazz @ the B”.

It was gezellig (cosy), and there were lots of people. That’s good news for a Sunday afternoon. I spotted my piano teacher there, and many other friendly faces! To be honest the music wasn’t really to my taste (a teeny bit too schmaltzy sounding, weirdly combined with often serious lyrics – and in Dutch), but vd Pasch has a pleasant voice and stage presence. Most of all, it was a real boon to be treated to some free music in a city that I feel could sometimes do with a whole lot more (says she, coming from the city of live-music-in-every-second-pub/cafe/restaurant you walk past).

If jazz is not your thing, maybe you can check out the upcoming trivia nights to be held on 3, 10 and 17 October – be warned though, it’s in Dutch! You can sign up in teams of 2 – 5 people from 8pm, each person pays €1, and you can start playing at 8.30pm. I don’t know what you can win (I must find out) – but something tells me it won’t be a jug of beer or a tray of meat, though. Remember, this is Eindhoven!

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