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Manufactured beauty

March 3rd, 2010

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There is a little (perhaps not so little) company called Innofaith which designs and produces tools of the beauty trade. It started up 14 years ago and it’s based in Eindhoven.

Of course that’s the homeground of electronics giant Philips, who produces men’s and ladies’ shavers, even intimate massagers (I ask you), skin analysers and toothbrushes, but Innofaith is behind the technology that delivers the peeling, abrasive and skincare unguents for luxury cosmetic brands.

I’ve only made a cosmetic dint in my research (oh dear, the puns will just keep coming) I need to interview someone who works or has worked there! I’m intrigued. Technology can be linked to beauty in many ways; in the form of the object, the output of its function, and ultimately the eye of the beholder.

To quote the website: “Innofaith beauty sciences has built up  – and continues to build up – extensive knowledge in advanced electronics, precision -mechanical, electrical, ultrasonic and optical instrumentation for application in the beauty industry.”  They go onto say that this sort of knowledge and experience  allows speed of development and the production of technology-driven beauty products.

I don’t think I want a beauty produt that has bells and whistles, a sort of angle grinder for the face. I may just be at an age where I am not yet interested in manufacturing beauty, other than using salves and creams and harmless scrubs. Maybe in a year or two, I will be deep into this topic; for now I’ve just scratched the surface.

Watch this space….

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