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Brainfood or Dreamfood?

May 19th, 2011

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I couldn’t make it to the TedxBrainport event last Friday as I decided to leave the lowlands for some higher ground (read: a long weekend in Switzerland to feed my creative soul). But my friend Walter van Hulst, journalist, was covering the event. Let’s just say he thinks there is plenty of room for improvement for next time. He wrote about it on the webmagazine (Dutch language), Hallo040.

I had a quick look online at some of the speeches that were given. They seemed to be quite polished, the level of English could have been brought up a notch here and there, but there were some things that irked me about the event. (Again, hard for me to judge, not having gone and not having spoken to the good people at Brainport). But why were only 100 people invited? What was the real reason that it was held from 5pm until 2am (or whatever it was?) Was it simulcast to fit with US timings? But my biggest question was: Is focusing on technical items like brains and innovation really the right thing to do for an audience that is mainly focused on their brains and their own pursuit of innovation? We’re innovative, right? Why shouldn’t we open our doors to this region in a more innovative way? The STRP festival is an excellent example of how we do this right in this city.

I mean, why shouldn’t the TedxBrainport host the event in another location in the Netherlands? The techie brains here in the city could really benefit the city by being physically exported to other parts of the nation and the world. That way we’d get conversions instead of simply preaching to the converted – chosen ones, at that. Or maybe make an effort to invite people from other parts of the country – if they continue hosting it in Eindhoven with a decidedly technical theme?

What I discovered from other accounts, Walter’s included, was that the highlight of this inaugural TedxBrainport event were the real movers and shakers in most cultures – the artists. Walter van Hulst: “Koert van Mensfoort met de Nano-supermarkt, Lucas Maassen met de pratende en zingende stoel en vooral Sander Veenhof met zijn virtuele ballon in the Oval Office van president Obama als voorbeeld van augmented reality. En niet te vergeten de jongste performer van de avond, de 16-jarige self made Lisa van Nes. In alle eenvoud zingend en gitaar spelend wist zij de zaal een daverend applaus te ontlokken.” (Koert van Mensfoort with the Nano-supermarket, Lucas Maassen with the talking and singing chair and most of all Sander Veenhof with his virtual balloon in the Oval Office of Obama as an example of augmented reality. And don’t forget the youngest performer of the evening, the 16 year old self-mad Lisa van Nes. True and simply, by singing and playing guitar, she knew how to bring the house down.”)

This is what I think what needs to be showcased more in Eindhoven: the creatives that are dwelling in almost every nook and cranny in the city. They can inspire innovators and technicians to dream and create by taking a glimpse into the process of creation – they could be a fruitful addition to Walter’s ideas for an improved TedX in Eindhoven.

That’s what this site is about. Imbibing the creative juices inherent in the city of Eindhoven. Everyone needs the stuff that feeds dreams. There’s plenty of dream food in Eindhoven. You just have to hunt a bit for it.

Start your feast here, at The Dossier.

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