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Summer smorgasbord Summer smorgasbord
June 21st, 2010

Today’s the Summer solstice. We’ve just realised there’s simply too much to do, see, hear or follow as Summer starts in Eindhoven.
More details to come, but here’s what’s on offer this weekend alone: Keuken Confessies’ sun deck dinner party, Architecture Days project on redefining adaptive reuse in Eindhoven, Inspiration Days, Autonomy Project kick-off – Summer School hosted by the Van Abbemuseum, Via Ventosa street party, Venus Project Tour visit to Eindhoven. Take your pick!

Big village or small city? MADe event Big village or small city? MADe event
June 12th, 2010

Last night, I met about 6 new people at the final MADe event of the 2009/2010 season. We really bonded; we shared stupid gags, promised to meet each other again and kissed each other goodnight at the end of the night. One MADe guest, Nancy, said it was really an “Eindhoven event. It´s got interesting people, a great topic, it´s a really spontaneous event and it´s small. You couldn´t attend something like this in Amsterdam.” Not a shred of judgementalism in that sentence. Because if you’re going to be honest, that´s what Eindhoven is – a city on a small scale. A big village.

Green chamber music Green chamber music
June 7th, 2010

Everything’s green these days. Organic food, all-natural cosmetics and now, green music. Well now there’s, chamber music played in the open air, in a park, which is green. Come to the Kamermuziek in het Groen, 2010!
Where: Stadswandelpark Eindhoven
When: Sunday 27 June, 1pm – 6pm
Entry: Free

The song stripped bare The song stripped bare
May 30th, 2010

The biggest surprise for me of the evening: Matt the Electrician. It’s not the Paul Simonesque voice, the quirky album cover art with the chicken or the trademark beard + hat combo. It’s Matt’s lyrics. During “Happy Ending” I found myself in tears.

April 29th, 2010

The final MADe event for the 2009 – 2010 season is 11 June, and will be a bike ride of Eindhoven with an architectural flavour. If you’d like to join me, please contact me at; there will be a fee to come along, but I’d be happy to host you. Oh, and you’ll have to bring your bike.

From the sublime to the ridiculous From the sublime to the ridiculous
November 15th, 2009

There were differing opinions about the 2009 Glow Festival in Eindhoven. On the last evening of the event, The Dossier saw examples of these opposing views. One was enchanting and the other was downright clumsy.

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