Discover Eindhoven, The Netherlands in this catalogue of creative happenings

ABC of food ABC of food
June 24th, 2011

A-Z of food I have been totally obsessed with food, lately. I am expanding my vocabulary of food, starting with a basic alphabet of cuisine. I’m Australian, so that’s the “A”. We have great produce, and everyone’s from somewhere else, so the food heritage in my home country is so rich. For B, British – […]

A surprising taste of Eindhoven, Italian style A surprising taste of Eindhoven, Italian style
June 7th, 2011

Guest The Dossier reader-writer Sahana Prakash checked out the Dommelstraat. See what we co-wrote on her experience. If you want to submit a story or a tip, contact!
“Don’t be surprised that if passing through Dommelstraat, you get hungry. The aroma of melting cheese from Antonio’s Italian restaurant won’t escape you, and it didn’t escape me. Antonio’s always seems to be bustling with people, so I reserved a table for my husband and three friends. Would I be pleasantly surprised? …”

Food visionary Food visionary
January 18th, 2011

I just spoke to Franke Elshout for an hour, but it felt like 15 minutes. We talked about food, local produce, crockery, (as well as the bio-industry, stress management, beer). Franke (28) is one half of Keukenconfessies (Kitchen Confessions) with Maarten Lockefeer, a food design studio and catering company. She is a foodie, a teacher of food design at HASkennistransfer in Den Bosch, is a mother-to-be (at the time of writing, 10 weeks to go!) and I think of her as a philosopher. Her connection to food is creative, intuitive, and it’s also larger than life.

No worries around here – Berlin No worries around here – Berlin
August 24th, 2010

See the video for how the Berliners create some nostalgia and a no worries atmosphere with the 1950s/60s antique shop and icecreamery in Shoeneberg, Sorgenfrei. The decor is a visual cacophony of kitsch, but all of the highest quality. The sofas we sat on and the table we sat at were for sale, as were the cushions, lamps, and possibly even the crockery. The music ranged from Buddy Holly to The Platters. We sat and talked about our grandparents’ furniture, and then pretended we were at Betty Draper’s house for afternoon tea.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream
July 12th, 2010

Whether or not you live in Strijp, Eindhoven, and you want some traditional icecream that’s made by bona fide Italians, then venture a wee bit out of the centre and visit Firenze Ijssalon. Every now and then I find a batch is too sweet for my taste, and sometimes I think the flavours could progress into the 21st century (I’m thinking what Maggie Beer has done for icecream in Australia – imagine Burnt Fig Jam, Honeycomb and Caramel, Vanilla Bean and Elderflower or Quince and Bitter Almond … they’re all delish, or Trampoline Gelato with its Carmel Pear or Bloody Orange curiosities). However, I’m told Firenze’s melon and pistachio is a winning combination, as is lemon and hazelnut (- being an icecream purist I tend to measure an ice cream salon’s mettle by its vanilla).

High time for good food High time for good food
November 20th, 2009

Dutch cuisine isn’t world-famous. Most of the time, there’s a reason for that. For a more than decent meal, at a very decent price, you should go to Hoogste Tijd (Dutch for High Time). I had one of the week’s specials – poached wild salmon fillet with a lobster cream sauce nested on a leek quiche with a sweet little crock of Julianne potatoes – all cooked to perfection. A torturous combo of flavours? Could be.