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Storm in a teapot over good music Storm in a teapot over good music
January 12th, 2011

This Sunday you can check out Lunapark’s Sturm im Wasserglas. Jazz organisation, Axesjazzpower, will present a literal storm in a water glass (or teapot). This concert is based on the name of a piece by Magnus Maier, for string quartet and drumkit (you can practically hear the ranting and raging when you picture that combination of sounds, right?). Sounds tantalising to me.

Echo and a hole Echo and a hole
December 10th, 2010

Echo Beatty and Tim Holehouse are playing at 9PM tonight at TAC, Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven.
I’ve checked out a few of their vids on youtube and they’re quite different. If you like music you can just drift away with, then Echo Beatty is just the ticket. If you want to see a bluesy (or sometimes, totally off his nut) young Tom Waits, then the Brit Tim Holehouse may be what you’re looking for.

Light digression for a table of friends Light digression for a table of friends
November 18th, 2010

Mendelssohn – either you love him or feel-a-bit-luke-warm about him
Tuesday’s Vriendentafel was a good one, although I have come away deciding that I don’t really like Mendelssohn much (Felix, that is. I quite like the actor, Ben. Actually, I always liked him, since The Year My Voice Broke.)
But I digress.

Popsters and popstars pop into Eindhoven Popsters and popstars pop into Eindhoven
November 13th, 2010

The travelling pop festival, Popronde ends, I believe, every year in Eindhoven. After touring through no less than 23 cities, 100 lucky pop bands that have been ‘unearthed’ get valuable live gig experience and access to new audiences and network connections. Other bands that have played at previous Poprondes are Go Back To The Zoo, Roosbeef, Voicst, Elle Bandita, Racoon, Lucky Fonz III, Sabrina Starke, Marike Jager, De Staat and The Mad Trist. All good news stories for this year’s batch of popsters – and they’re so young and full of beans! Their energy and creativity is palpable.

No artificial flavourings: Nanine Linning’s Synthetic Twin No artificial flavourings: Nanine Linning’s Synthetic Twin
October 27th, 2010

Earlier today while numbly wandering through the Klokgebouw I started to worry about the stagnation of innovation, as I saw the tendency to re-hash design ideas and to the point we start to believe that those same old things are actually new. But tonight, my faith was restored. What I saw was a renewal of expression, the richness that a creative mind can give to telling an old story in a new way, or of finding a weird analogy that speaks for our times. Real, honest and anything but synthetic. This performance and this piece will stay with me for a while yet. Keep a close eye on this spot, for modern dance has won the attention of The Dossier … we may have to find a new category title for it. For now, it will go under music.

A perfectly lyrical, Virginian balance A perfectly lyrical, Virginian balance
September 28th, 2010

There are several things that struck me about this gentle folky man and wife I-thought-duo based in Virginia, but two things stood out. One was that they told us how they don’t often tour or play together (they do other things together, ooh-la-la); the other was that in the beginning of this concert at Meneer Frits – brought to us by the talent-scouting genius of Ad van Meurs – I felt that Devon watched and listened to her husband in spellbound admiration, and perhaps it was not equally reciprocated. It turns out that Paul courted her for “a few years”, plying her with custom-written songs for his sweetheart before she acquiesced to his advances. My newest additions to my CD collection: Songs for Devon Sproule by Paul Curreri (oh, so romantic!), and Devon Sproule live in London, by Devon Sproule.

And all that jazz, at Cafe Berlage And all that jazz, at Cafe Berlage
September 26th, 2010

Sundays at 5pm, free. Jazzzzz.

I popped into the Grand Café Berlage this arvo, to see who was on. It was Ernst van der Pasch, a young cabaratier backed up by Bart (resident jazzman) and co. Next week’s line up will be “Jazz @ the B”.
To be honest, the music wasn’t really to my taste (a teeny bit too schmaltzy sounding, weirdly combined with often serious lyrics – in Dutch), but Pasch has a pleasant voice and stage presence. Most of all, it was a real boon to be treated to some free music in a city that I feel could sometimes do with a whole lot more (says she, coming from the city of live-music-in-every-second-pub/cafe/restaurant).

Pushing the boundaries of Brabant-based music Pushing the boundaries of Brabant-based music
September 12th, 2010

These last four years in Eindhoven, I have really missed being challenged and delighted by the industry and creativity of contemporary music ensembles. The inertia is over now, and I can help in the movement to push locals to partake in the fruits of Lunapark ensemble’s labours. I say hallelujah, a sentiment befitting a Sunday.

Murderous melodies, bringing us back to life Murderous melodies, bringing us back to life
September 10th, 2010

The audience of the Flux-S concert this evening were broad-minded, with varied expectations of the programme. Whether we knew it or not, we were to be captive listeners of many of the numbers from the song cycle The Island Moved in the Storm, an album by Matt Bauer with an extraordinary arrangement for string quartet for this performance. It’s about the murder of a young woman near Matt’s hometown back in ’68. Grisly of topic but pearlescent of execution thanks to the musicianship, care and deliberation of the playing. And then other songs from other albums such as Nandina gave us the titles with wonderful word combinations like “Jordan in a plastic bag”. I spoke to Matt after the show, who is really a shy, genuinely warm and bear-like man … There is a mis-match with this image and the sombre mystical poetry layered with velvety textured music swirling in the abandoned looking space of the former Philips building at Strijp-S.

Philip Glass – a rare bird Philip Glass – a rare bird
May 17th, 2010

Drifting between consciousness, thrall, trance bordering on boredom and breathless anticipation, it was as if we were listening to someone’s lifetime over those 12 parts. Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble: Music in 12 Parts.

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