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Celebrating the film-maker

December 16th, 2010

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The great time-sucker – youtube
We’ve all fallen prey to wandering lost in time when on – whether we’re at work, it’s a lazy Sunday or about to “quickly check our mail”; inevitably there’ll be some whacky link sent by a friend. Youtube videos have a time and a place, mostly meant to lighten your day. The films to be shown at this year’s first Eindhovens Film Festival aren’t often found on the interwebs. Read on to find out why.

Bespoke, indie, budget cinema
I spoke to the first-time festival organiser, Ymke Kleijn from film platform Broet who’s putting this event on. She’s a director and screenwriter herself. She describes the process and thinking behind the EFF. “Dutch film festivals tend to be theme based all over the country, from being Dutch-language (Utrecht), to International (Rotterdam), Documentary (Amsterdam), Shorts, Animations … however there has not yet been a film festival for accolading independent films made on budgets under €100k, and with the film-maker as hero. So the EFF came into being.” Why Eindhoven? “Well, Eindhoven is a breeding ground for the new and the innovative, for creativity and design. And “broedplaats” is Dutch for “breeding ground” from whence Broet took its name. And Broet is based at Strijp-S, a site where loads of creative stuff is bubbling away. Broet is a platform that provides a place, plus advice and workshops for blossoming film-makers to benefit from.”

Ymke’s tip for best film
A total of 70 submissions were whittled down to 44 nominations; these 44 will be cut down to 11 winners in various categories from best film, best sound design to best actor etc. A jury consisting of three film gurus from the region, each with different specialities, will pass final judgement. I want to know Ymke’s tips for best film, and she doesn’t skip a beat: Marijn. “A little girl discovers her own way in the world after losing her mother. Not only a touching story, but it has performances demonstrating great skill – particularly in the voice-over from the 6 year old lead, Eva den Hartogh. It’s got magic in it, but is equally for adults as it is for children.” Sounds like good story-telling to me.

Sunny is pretty funny
If you do want to check out a rarity, Sunny is a funny short that Ymke stumbled across – on youtube – and she actually approached the film maker if he’d submit it. Joeri Visser laughed, he was so surprised to be approached. Although not the best film ever made, Ymke appreciates the nod to slapstick, the familiarity throughout and she also admires the courage required to make it. “Everything that can go wrong on a first blind date goes wrong in this film. And you know, comedy is hard.”

Youtube is not the short film destination
Why aren’t many of the other EFF films on youtube? “It really depends on what you want to achieve by being on youtube.” Ymke doesn’t delve any deeper into her answer than that, but I suspect she feels that the artistry and independence of the craft stay pure when outside of the clutches of the mainstream. Is it not the ambition of the Eindhovens Film Festival to make new discoveries so we can find the next hottest (lucrative) film talents? Not really, according to Ymke. This festival is really about making films and the masses of creativity that can be realised with minimal resources and maximum inspiration.

What’s to be won?
If you’re curious about who’ll be taking one of the 11 Gouden Cameras (golden cameras) home with them, the awards ceremony is free. Just walk into Broet Film Platform, on Sunday 19 December before it starts at 8pm Glaslaan 2, Strijp-S.

All of the films to see are in Dutch, with the exception of two submissions in English (but made by Dutch film-makers). There are also a range of workshops and masterclasses you can sign up for, for those with a general interest and real film-buffs too. These are also all in Dutch.

Check out Sunny, a disastrous internet dating story. For other films, head onto the EFF this weekend!

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