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Collecting as a strategy to depict a social situation

October 25th, 2010

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The Dossier is a sort of independent public project for Eindhoven; a project by a member of the public (and eventually other members). I never realised until I saw this video (above) how Grecian I have been in my approach! The purpose of this site is indeed to hold a mirror up to the city to reflect that what it claims to be happening here, is actually taking place. (As with many claims, sometimes this is true, sometimes less so). If Eindhoven truly is a design, innovation and technology hotspot then let’s talk about it, and let’s start that process by documenting what – of note – can be noticed.

Casting light is also a nice analogy, given Eindhoven’s connection with light.

The Van Abbemuseum director, Charles Esche’s definition of “collection as a strategy to create an image of a social situation” is the perfect explanation of what it is The Dossier has been attempting to do since launching officially in June this year.

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