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November 27th, 2009

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The VOD = Vintage clothing swap party took place in The Building, at Strijp-S, in Eindhoven on Friday 27 November. Die hard fashion fans happily huddled in former factory building The Building, even though it was cold. A reported 250 women of all ages, sizes and tastes milled around, nursing plastic cups of wine an

d the smallest bottles of sparkling water you can justify charging €2 a pop. The men present were mainly there for techie purposes, or had roles like photographer, master of ceremonies or boyfriend. The makeshift second hand “store” stood in the corner waiting to be rummaged through thoroughly. My companion and I admired the feathers and frills of the patrons. It was going to be a fun evening.

The concept of the VOD = Vintage is three years old here in Eindhoven. It is growing in popularity. The concept is that women hand in their vintage (unwanted) clothes to a central point, whereby a collective of vintage clothing stores sort through them and create a fashion parade from the best combos. A week after the collection date, all the clothes are transported to a party venue, where a catwalk, models, ebullient mc and an awesome dj are assembled. The women who have donated their clothes get free entry to the event, while their friends who weren’t organised enough tackle their wardrobes can pay a mere €7 to have a look-see. What happens at one of these swap events?

My companion and I admire our fellow fashionistas, picking out girls whose wardrobes we’d like to rifle through based on what they were wearing. Neither of us are Dutch, but we both understand Dutch very well. However, it takes us some time to grasp the complexity of the clothing swap concept. It goes something like this. A range of outfits have been preselected by the organisers of the the event. These editor’s pick ensembles are actually prizes. These sets are modelled by the models on the catwalk, strutting to the incredible mix of DJ Zupa, the perfect foil for the boisterous host, Y’skid. One by one, the entire outfits are given away to she who screams the loudest. If there’s a showdown, the way to win is to yell the loudest and be voted the winner by the public. If there are too many interested ladies (often the case, when I think back to the navy blue cap sleeve frock with bright red winter jacket), then you go in a raffle to have your number drawn to take the set home. They also sell tickets for clothing “bingo” (but we Aussies know that they mean they are having a good ole’ raffle). At the rear of the factory is a makeshift shop where you can “buy” items of clothing, using coupons valued each at €1 at the door. All left over clothes are to be donated to charity and any profits are to pay the organisers and volunteers who are giving their time for free.

Unfortunately when I saw that my friend’s lips were turning blue from the draughty unheated factory setting, we left only after 2 hours into the evening. I still have the raffle ticket from that sweet ensemble that I didn’t win, but I will be back for the next party – if they have one. And so will my blue-lipped buddy, but with a few more layers of clothing if the clothing swap happens at this time of year in The Building, in 2010.

Click here or here to find out more, but be warned it’s only in Dutch.

The participating vintage clothing stores are from the area:
Doortje Originals
Second Floor
Hilliebel Vintage

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