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Dampeners that will lift your spirits

October 25th, 2010

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I love a paradox, particularly one to do with the senses. As a former music student at a conservatorium, I was subject to hours and hours of being practically locked in a music cell with just a piano, four walls and the unhappy reminder that I was not really cut out for concert pianist material at all. But what if your walls or ceiling were covered in materials cut out like this:

Soothing, hanging acoustic felt work by Marjan Veltkamp

or this?

Poetic sound dampener

Perhaps the only thing separating musical fame and me was the acoustic dampening system in the college practice cells?

Fieldz is a new brand from Den Bosch (as we like to call it locally) – in full it’s ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I spoke to its founder, Marjan Veltkamp, who told me about her happy accident at finding a new way of uplifting and also calming people while keeping noise levels down. Her customers to date have been schools, physiotherapy clinics, offices and private clients. She also says she is astonished at how her idea has found a solid foothold already and threatens to burst completely out of control, and the future of her business is very promising.

Her physio client says that the beautiful dampening design – made of technical felt – creates a space that soothes the patients. This makes the treatment much easier to administer and the effects of the treatment are longer lasting.

On top of that, Marjan is warm and genuine about her work, because she is also sincere about how motivated she is by the collaborative process of her commercial work. Although an artist, with all the aura that accompanies that title, she has business savvy. She knows that the technical felt supplier is keen to work with her, as her business model means more business for and a deeper and broader profile for the application of their product in different markets. So everyone’s happy – customers, their customers / patients / students / colleagues, suppliers, artist and the local economy too. Another good news art-design-business story for the southern Holland region.

You can meet Marjan or see her acoustic work at Dutch Design Week in the Machinekamer on Strijp-S, in Eindhoven until 31 October. She’s found the week a joy so far, speaking to the general public and watching them interact so enthusiastically with her work. You must visit “Laboratorium” on her website to see how she makes these pieces.

Visitors to the Machinekamer at Strijp-S experience acoustic work by Veltkamp

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