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Mid-november round up

November 11th, 2010

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A clash of activities in Eindhoven in November

There’s a bevy of things to do in town this weekend and for some odd reason, the council has allowed quite a few worthwhile activities to clash. But don’t worry, with a bit of careful planning maybe you can do them all!

GLOW 2010 not long for this world
Until Saturday you can see the GLOW 2010 festival – hard to avoid really as there are light installations dotted all over the city, but it’s best to see them illuminated at night.

Tomorrow night most of the pubs, bars and cafés in town are hosting a Popronde act; this is a travelling pop festival that has made it so far to every other city in the country, and November 12 it’s Eindhoven’s turn and your last chance!!!! I’ve been quite a few times and it’s really varied and good value. Do check out the site and click on the blue links on the home page to get a feel for what you’re gonna hear. There’s so much, you want to choose well. It’s FREE, which is always good and the programme you can find here.

Get ready to welcome Sinterklaas to Eindhoven
And for the kiddiliwinks, it’s time for Sinterklaas (kind of like a Dutch version of Santa Claus, but so not) to arrive from Spain on his steam boat … along the Dommel canal. Don’t worry about the geographic impossibility of this, just go with it – everyone else does. And don’t ask more about the Zwarte Piets, I will write more about this in due course! Address: Kanaaldijk Noord, crossing Jeroen Boschlaan, time: 12.15pm the Mayor will greet him.

Examine some deep stuff in Eindhoven at the Van Abbemuseum
On Sunday I’m heading over to the Van Abbemuseum for The Gardener’s Last Song workshop. During this afternoon with locals and students, come and explore ‘man and living’, ‘space/time’, ‘science, philosophy and art, crafts and design’ in Eindhoven. Where, when and who? In the Studio, Van Abbemuseum (zaal B-1)14.00-18.00, with Juul Sadée & Joost Bolten (philosopher and lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam).

Brace yourself for STRP Festival
Just enough time to draw breath before the STRP Festival hits town in a whirly gig of art, music, technology and general coolness, but that starts next Friday 18 November.

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