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Eindhoven’s cultural heartbeat

July 15th, 2010

Filed under: ART & DESIGN

Montalti's ‘Continuous Bodies’ - a fungus shroud

It’s true, what I’m trying to document here in this city. Eindhoven is regarded to house one of the most dynamic design academies in Europe, whether or not everyone thinks it’s true. The New York Times’ Alice Rawsthorn was recently in Eindhoven, to be a guest examiner at the Masters Projects show earlier this month. In her article she praises the inspired approach our graduands take towards design – notions such as using the power of viruses for good, or developing a fungus that will break down plastic. And even more: “The process of co-designing, customization, design democracy, participation, individualization and whatever else it is called is one of the most important themes in contemporary design,” says Rawsthorn. And all these qualities are present in the very heartbeat Eindhoven.

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