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Eindhoven’s talents are no wall flowers

December 23rd, 2010

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I’ve been enjoying leafing through the January issue of Wallpaper* mag which is all about the future of design, architecture, cars, cooking, fashion and photography, and am chuffed to see Eindhoven mentioned in it more than one modest time.

Isaacs + Manders' Tafelstukken (table pieces)

A local design duo whom have received mention in international press (including The Dossier) have made it into the Wallpaper Design Awards 2011 nominations as number one for Best Domestic Design. That’s ‘Tafelstukken’ lighting objects by Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders. I saw their work at the recent-ish Dutch Design Week in more than one spot and see them all over the interwebs. I am very glad to see their successes elsewhere in Europe. The judges are none other than Mario Bellini (architecture), Pharrel Williams (fashion, production, performance), Raf Simons (Fashion), Michael Nyman (music), Natalie Massenet (internet fashion retail) and Marc Quinn (artist) – a combination which surely knows its stuff.

Wallpaper also has a graduate directory, and Lukas Peet gets a mention for his work ‘Table Light‘. A Design Academy graduand (2009), he was raised in the Canadian Rockies. Once again, an accolade like this is testimony to the international flavour of Eindhoven’s design authority.

I’m still savouring this edition of Wallpaper*, and it’s possible that Eindhoven’s designers have even more mentions in these pages, but even if they don’t, Eindhoven’s global creative wow factor is already making a positive anticipatory start to 2011.

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