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STRP Festival impressions

November 28th, 2010

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Well, if you want to contemplate life, the pace of modern life, your youthful imagination, play, connect with ideas and other people, and take time to just slow down and smell the flowers, then STRP Festival was the best place to do it this weekend. As well as looking forward to another conference and more great international acts, like those put on over the last ten days, next year you must reserve one or two days out of next year’s festival to check out the EXPO good and proper. I know I will. Oh, and if you get the chance to see any of Lawrence Maltstaf‘s work – go do it (even if it’s on youtube)! Do it now!

In the blizzardy contemplation of Lawrence Malstaf's (Be) Nemo Observatorium

Some Sunday time out on Lawrence Malstaf's (Be) Transporter, nice massage...

Human shrink wrapped product - Lawrence Malstaf's (Be) Shrink

Embryonic gestures

Old school video arcade for games with a 21st century twist

Sunday afternoon coffee to the Nordic soundtrack supplied by Splashgirl

The STRP 2 Bar illuminated in the middle of the afternoon

One last look at the Shrink Installation I could not peel my eyes from

And: I went 3D flying in motion sensored Flick Flock by Wendy Ann Mansilla and Jori Puig, whom I saw speak at a Baltan Session around this time last year. I played Voicepong (controlling the old-school computer game ping-pong bat with my voice, using a mik), and watched a bit of Hayao Miyazke’s classic Spirited Away on the big screen.

Some great footage of my super Sunday was captured, but I couldn’t do it justice (maybe later, though). STRP is an experience and one that must be done with all 5 senses. See you next year.

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