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Open Innovation for The Dossier

November 28th, 2010


Open Innovation Festival

Open Innovation Festival Eindhoven starts Monday 29 November
Starting tomorrow, Open Innovation Festival will reach all corners of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven will be no exception. The full week program has a range of useful meetups and information exchanges for those in the area of open innovation. For more info, visit or click here for the Eindhoven registration page or here for the program.

Not called the Silly Season for nothing
Look, I might turn up to something during the Open Innovation Festival spontaneously; I might not. I have been invited to a business and design seminar on Thursday afternoon, I have to work, finish my taxes, write 12,000 more words for a novel by Tuesday night. You see, it’s true what they say “November feels like three months crammed into one” and in Eindhoven they really get all their bang for their buck. We’re heading into the extremely silly season. Eindhoven will also be hosting the Glazenhuis (charity event where 3 DJs stay for a week in a glass house without food to raise money) in the week before Christmas. But first we have to survive Sinterklaas celebrations, later next month the Eindhoven Film Festival, and  I’m sure there will be loads of end of year drinks, brunches and Chrissy do’s to take us all through to the end of 2010.

An open innovation experiment
The concept of open innovation is to provide a platform for many people to share the same facilities, exchange knowledge and explore areas and markets that are lateral to their core business. It’s aim is to stretch the possibilities of a mature business model. I think the traditional business model of The Dossier with just me covering all sorts of events and writing all the stories needs a bit of open innovation! Heheh.

Anyone out there interested in writing a guest blog or sending me some text, tips, opinions or comments to make into a story to share with other readers? Could we try it as an experiment in the name of open innovation…?

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