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Flux-s photo documentary Part I

September 12th, 2010


We haven’t really done a long photo essay of impressions on The Dossier yet. So, now’s the time, as we’ve been pumped with inspiration by the hundred + international level artists that descended on Eindhoven these last 3 days. And you’re not too late! There’s another day to go, from noon until midnight Sunday 12 September 2010.

Strijp-S terrain

This is where it all happens. If you are looking for cutting edge art meets technology or arts meets anything, then it’s at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

Entrance to Crushroom

Crushroom is an architectural intervention conceived by Lilith van Assem, Elsbeth Ronner and Lieke van Hooijdonk – therefore visit for more info.

Brick carpet

Made literally of tens of thousands bricks and tiles. Looks particularly amazing from the 3rd or 4th floor building opposite.

The Flux-S terrace bar, thanks to Smalle Haven

Modest trestle tables with narrow see-saw like benches provide a spot to sit and study your program, sip on a vino, have a picnic perhaps, or drink in the atmosphere.

Towers in a Flat Landscape (Sehnsucht III)

Wolfgang Heiniger’s sound installation makes use of a large empty industrial space and translates its physical properties into a new composition. Suspended, electroni-fied snare drums. Cool.

Interior Drama

The 1970s dance works, 2: Dialogue with Lucinda, by Lucinda Childs and reworked inĀ  2010 by Nicole Beutler and the nb projects demonstrates controlled labour, minimalism, concentration, symmetry, algorithms/algorhythms and the determination of follow-through. Breath-taking and engaging, mesmerising, trance-inducing craft. Click here for an interview with some of the dancers.

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