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Flux-s photo documentary Part II

September 12th, 2010

Filed under: ART & DESIGN

Some more stuff that filled The Dossier files these last 3 days:

More views of Crushroom

The vista of Strijp-s in the background contrasts with the architectural intervention of Crushroom.

Strange external structures

Don’t actually know what this is, or if it’s part of Flux-S. I looked at it for a while, though.

A peek into Basecamp installation

This whimsical installation features models of habitations suitable for the moon, with functionalities such as “space to scream”, “space for sound” and “space to be alone”. Wildly imaginative and charming at the same time.

The Flux flying flower show

There’s a catapult to the far right, and a tripod for a camera. The objective: capture the absolute freedom of nature as it sails, mid-flight, through the air. I didn’t get to see this happening in real life, but there is plenty of photo-evidence to support it near the installation.

Come have your photo taken by Ari Versluis at 2pm or 7pm today, Sunday 12 September. The backdrop? See below:

Flower Photoshoot backdrop

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