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Good for the soul

July 15th, 2010

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Soul Kitchen

Open air cinema, balmy summer nights, hanging out with good friends, eating fries at 11.30pm and watching a free German film with Dutch subtitles. It’s good for the soul, and the film Soul Kitchen did mine wonders.

Come along! It’s on every Tuesday and Friday night from 2 July to 27 August at Plaza Futura, Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven.

Before I turned up to Plaza this past Tuesday, I was worried that I wouldn’t understand the film, given that Dutch is my most recently acquired language (after trying and basically failing at Italian and French). And Soul Kitchen is a comedy, so there was added pressure that I might laugh at the wrong parts (or not at all). But the first problem was finding a place to sit, or just a patch of ground! A bit of concrete was uncovered, and the only thing separating our butts from the paving stones was a thin layer of foam which my companion brilliantly thought to bring. We craned our necks at a weird angle and looked on in cross-eyed laughter. But only for the first half, because there was a good, old fashioned intermission! During the pause, we shifted our viewpoint and went to the rear of the 200+ person crowd, and found chairs! This time we found yet another obtuse angle, but one which wouldn’t put a crick in our necks.

The good news is that I followed the whole movie! Ja, it was a co-incidence that I watched it with a German buddy, but I didn’t need to check anything with her, not one thing at all.

Soul Kitchen as a movie, aside from the experience of its being screened on a fabulous blow-up screen outside the Plaza cinema (thank you City Dynamiek Eindhoven, I take back what I said about you in a previous blog entry!), is one I’d want to watch again. It has characters you care about, the quirkiness of European situational comedy, and gives insight into how Germans look at food. I related to the film on many levels – the duality of the main character, Zinos, being Greek and German; the idea of following your dreams and in this case they were related to space, place and eating – all important to me. And then how I could identify with extreme back pain, too. Having picked up some gold nominations in the 2009 German Film Festival and some wins in Venice this year for director Fatih Akin, I’m not alone in endorsing this film.

But I give too much away – go see it, on DVD, on the big screen, or if you can, with 200 other people in the open air … wherever you are. Soul Kitchen revived my fervour for food, my enthusiasm for summer in Europe and my grasp of this difficult language!

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