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Green chamber music

June 7th, 2010


Kamermuziek in het groen

Everything’s green these days. Organic food, all-natural cosmetics and now, green music. Well now there’s, chamber music played in the open air, in a park, which is green.

At the end of the month, come along to the Kamermuziek in het Groen festival-thing.

There will be five stages spread throughout the park and you will see and hear the best Dutch chamber music ensembles, world music and the Children’s concert BontePels. Carel Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue will provide summery tango sounds and on the ┬áStorioni Academy-podium, listen to the Storioni Trio and young talent.

Where: Stadswandelpark Eindhoven
When: Sunday 27 June, 1pm – 6pm
Entry: Free

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