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High time for good food

November 20th, 2009

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The groov-oir menu by edhv

Dutch cuisine isn’t world-famous. Most of the time, there’s a reason for that. For a more than decent meal, at a very decent price, you should go to Hoogste Tijd (Dutch for High Time). I had one of the week’s specials – poached wild salmon fillet with a lobster cream sauce nested on a leek quiche with a sweet little crock of Julianne potatoes – all cooked to perfection. A torturous combo of flavours? Could be. The balsamic vinegar drizzle with the just-so placed napkin was bordering on contrived, but the subtle flavors and texture made up for any suspicion arising from “over-presentation”. At only €14.50, with a cosy, subdued vibe, the Hoogste Tijd experience closed off a dreary autumn weekend in a fitting manner. Amidst the omnipresent Dutch drawl was the mixed twitterings of French, US English, plus my own Australian twang meshed with my stilted Dutch. Hoogste Tijd is a regular haunt because it’s kitschy, friendly, unrushed and well, … the staff have great hair. The chef who delivered us our meal was delightfully Alannah Hill-esque, with her frothy cotton candy hair-do adorned with an organza gardenia, rosy cheeks to match her rosebud mouth, and attentive hospitality.

The menu is in Dutch, but English is spoken. check out their webcam, bit spooky, but very cute all the same

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