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I’m all outta love, or am I?

September 6th, 2011

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Love affairs are funny, and not only can you have them with friends, lovers or pets, but you can have them with cities. So many times I’ve heard about people loving their cities, like New York, Paris, London. But Eindhoven?

For a while there I was in love with my new city. So much so that I started this blog – I wanted to share my newfound joy! But, as with any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs, and this summer was lower than anything I’d ever experienced since arriving. Why?

1. The weather.
What a crappy summer this was, weatherwise. Not only did this region not experience any serious Vitamin D radiation, but there were terrible storms that ended in tragedy for festival-goers at the Pukkelpop in nearby Belgium.

2. I’ve personally celebrated my five year anniversary of living in the Netherlands
So I’ve recently realised what I have done/am doing/will continue to do indefinitely – which makes me pause for thought. That’s only human, and if you know anything about the culture shock stages, then I was up somewhere regressed in the cycle of “withdrawal”.

3. This site has generated lots ofย  paid work for me!
So running this site solo has been almost impossible to maintain while I’ve been working for good ole’ moulah. I’ve been writing a summer series for Hallo040, in English, so that’s been good fun and keeping me busy.

4. A dearth of worthwhile things to do over summer
Well, things to do that interest me.

On the up-side, the summer has come and gone without much notice and “the season” has started. Everything, absolutely everything was on this past weekend.

1.ย  Flux-S had a mini-preview festival to give a taster of the main one to come in Spring next year

2. Hallo Cultuur had 23 cultural institutions fling its doors open for everyone to sample the fine theatrical/musical/artistic profferings of the 2011/2012 season

I love crisps!

3. Tante Netty had an exhibition opening “Get Hooked” in its little gallery space tucked away in the once very seedy part of Eindhoven (it’s located in a former brothel, there, I said it) where I proudly (patriotically speaking) saw the work of Finnish-born Chinese Australian Thomas C Chung‘s knitting genius. And I really love handcraft.

4. My friend Emma had a birthday party with really good chocolate cupcakes and nice people.

(I’ve definitely missed a bundle of stuff there). What else?

My piano lessons are starting again, and I’m working on a great Kate Bush number (think red dress and weird druid dancing, think the greatest love story ever!), I might be joining a blues improv workshop, my art project is going well, I’m partnering up on another one with an Amsterdam artist (more on that later) and I think I might be able to find a way to give The Dossier enough legs to keep going a little further.

If there are any readers who want to contribute to The Dossier – students, expats, culture mavens, and you’re situated in the south of the Netherlands, please drop me a line. Help me spread the love and fatten The Dossier files! (Don’t they say that you put on weight when you’re in love … or is it that you lose your apetite? Hm). Email me at jane(at)thedossier(dot)nl!

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