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Mad about MAD MEN

June 9th, 2010

Filed under: FILM, BOOKS & TV

The luscious cast of Mad Men

There’s a cult following of this incredibly beautiful, witty, polished television series here in Eindhoven. I know, I’m part of it.
It’s almost impossible for the general public in the Netherlands to know anything about this program unless they are up say, on a Tuesday night at 11pm, watching public tv station Nederland 2.

Oh, there’s no point trying to sell Mad Men – it sells itself. But let’s just say I worked in the (Australian) advertising industry for 7 years and many things in this world haven’t really changed. The difference in this series is that everyone is 100 times more gorgeous and smarter, and every piece of dialogue is a killer! (And hm, whether my boss ever looked or quite behaved like Don Draper is another matter, however).

Did you miss it? Go to the Dutch missed broadcasts website and then click on Mad Men. You only have a week after missing it to catch it! You can also download the series (if you’re on windows).

Mad Men, Season II – first episode aired Tuesday 8 June, 11pm on Nederland 2.

And I’ve filed this one under “Film & Books” category because the production values are epic, film-like…

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