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Meeting ingenuity at Dutch Design Week

October 24th, 2010

Filed under: ART & DESIGN

I was running late, as usual, when I made it into the Oiva Toikka art and design exhibition currently on in the Ketelhuis at Strijp-S. I was actually looking for Oiva himself. I couldn’t spot the eighty-year-old professor amongst the hoards, and so – although despondent, I exalted in the beautiful works (even though he has been known to say it’s work bordering on bad taste, I certainly disagree!) on display to celebrate 50 years as a designer with Ittala. But then I saw a fellow journalist, Anniina Koivu (Abitare) with an entourage of Czech,  Finnish and Dutch ladies. Oiva was chatting away somewhere in amongst his attentive crowd, so I latched on and this is the result. Enjoy – I certainly did.

For more information, click here.

Ketelhuis, (Strijp-S)
5617 AB Eindhoven

Open daily until 31 October from 12 to 6pm, except Thursday and Friday open until 8pm

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