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March 3rd, 2011

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My internet browsings (thanks to Wallpaper*)tell me that the Design Academy has been getting around, literally. Do you happen to be in old London Town and do you crave a little Dutchiness?  Then pop on into Selfridges to see much of the whimsical stuff that was on show at the Dutch Design Week Graduation Show in 2010 (if you missed it) in the EveryDayDutch exhibition curated by Wallpaper* contributor Jane Withers.

I wonder where this show will go onto next? New York? Paris? Melbourne?

Florike Martens' kitchen bike - very handy

“The Netherlands has made a habit of producing some of the design world’s biggest names – Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Droog and Hella Jongerius, to reel off just a few. This month, at London’s Selfridges, however, it’s a younger generation that are making their mark,” Malaika Byng, Wallpaper*.

Click here to see a lovely slideshow, or here for a film.

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