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No horsing around – this is a perfect haircut

August 20th, 2010

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Get Adobe Flash Player When you walk into The Ponyclub Berlin you will be immediately charmed by the decor. When you meet your hairdresser, and if it’s Diana, then you’ll see she is the spitting image of Keira Knightley. Lithe and tall, chiseled of feature, she sports the very same mane that her doppelgänger wore in the Pirates trilogy; long, blonding, tumbling and feminine. (Yes, one could argue that she looks like a young Julia Roberts, aka Horse Face, but I don’t really want to make that link to this wonderful establishment.). When you add cool interior design and model hairdresser, you think “this is gonna be expensive”

Before The Ponyclub Berlin

Yesterday I decided that, if my hairdressers in Eindhoven go to Berlin for cut and colour refresher courses, then I should go to the source and have my hair cut at one of the most cutting edge hair salons, on the coolest side of town: Friedrichschain’s Ponyclub. It was so last minute, so I didn’t like my chances – but wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, there was a spot free for me at 11am today.
The owner, Tim Kreutzfeldt, is horse crazy, and everything in his salon has some tribute to the beautiful beast. The salon has been a local celebrity magnet for the last 11 years; my beauteous Friseuse for the day has been in its employ for the previous 8. I had absolute faith in Diana’s abilities, from the moment that she analysed my very straight, stubborn,  black hair and set about unleashing the most appropriate style from its current model. Before she even began, she described her ‘idea’ and then asked me whether I understood exactly what her plan was. I liked it and I understood completely, but I nodded dumbly, struck by her wondrous luminscence.
As she raked, and snipped and peered and chopped, lovely Diana demonstrated her generosity – she did possess supreme abilities, but was neither arrogant nor jealous of them. She said that the previous hairdresser had done a good job and more than once she admired her predecessor’s work. “Yes,” I’d replied, “Melanie spent a long time on it, testing a new technique she’d learnt. In Berlin.” I spoke in cloying, star-struck tones, but either she didn’t notice or she’s used to it. Diana had an interesting way of working, keeping my hair drenched, therefore not needing to use clips to keep my hair out of the way; instead she combed luscious dripping locks  away from where she was busy gently and efficiently trimming and sculpting. Although at times it felt like she was making bits up as she went along, I was very certain there was method in her maestro-ess-ness.
I asked her why Berlin hairdressers are “the best” – she asked me “Who said that?”, and then laughed her Keira Knightley laugh.  She said that Berlin hairdressers were rigorously trained, and that if you wanted to be taken in by a good salon, you needed to keep your chops up, doing hair shows and the like. She said some other places around only put aside 10 minutes for a consultation wash and cut, but she was always allotted a full hour. “You need time for perfection,” she said. I nodded, solemnly. I sneaked a greedy look at her perfect image in the mirror and then sighed, inwardly.
I have my Berlin hair-do now. It is shorter, scruffier (no more newsreader/ladies-who-lunch hairdo!), more versatile and is cut precisely according to how my hair grows. Not that Melanie has been doing a bad job these past 4 years, but Keira, I mean, Diana did a really good job for someone who has never worked with my hair. And at only €35 for the full hour and consultation, blow-dry + some generous squirts of the delicious smelling Label M Sea Salt Spray in a bottle, it would be worth coming back to Berlin every month to clap eyes on Diana and have her tend to my tresses. But alas, the drive from Eindhoven to Berlin is still 655km, and so I will have to limit this treat to an annual occasion.
I hope you all take heed of this recommendation – trot along to the Ponyclub next time you are in Berlin, meet Keira Knightley’s double – darling Diana – and have your hair cut to absolute perfection, for a song.

After The Ponyclub Berlin

After The Ponyclub Berlin #2

After The Ponyclub Berlin #3

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