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No worries around here – Berlin

August 24th, 2010

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Go for a wander around Schöneberg in Berlin and you may stumble upon Café Sorgenfrei. It’s a delightful combination of 1950s and 1960s vintage stuff (homewares, furniture, clothing and accessories) as well as a café and icecream parlour. The decor is a visual cacophony of kitsch, but all of top-notch quality. The sofas we sat on and the table we sat at were for sale, as were the cushions, lamps, and we suspect even the crockery. The music ranged from Buddy Holly to The Platters. We sat and talked about our grandparents’ furniture, and then pretended we were at Betty Draper’s house (as in Don’s missus from Madmen) for afternoon tea.

While we waited for our order to come, we browsed around the little rooms at our leisure. I found more than one great typewriter that I would have taken then and there, except it was a “qwertz” keyboard and not a “qwerty”, which would have been a pain were I to put it to use. The wait was over almost too soon; we had a slice of quiche and some hearty potato soup and had absolutely no room left over for the milkshake we greedily lusted after. We were aware that none of this was particularly afternoon tea fare Mrs Draper style, however, it was still fun to make believe for an hour that sunny August afternoon.

After filling our tummies and slaking our thirst on my new favourite soft drink, Bionade (Ginger-Orange flavour, this time), we left Sorgenfrei without any other thoughts in our heads except for the comforting cooing of Buddy’s a-hey, a-hey, a-hey-hey swimming around our heads; and so we continued our afternoon stroll down the Goltzstraße.

Goltzstraße 18
10781 Berlin
Tel.: 030- 30 10 40 71

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