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December 2nd, 2010

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A blanket of snow covers Eindhoven, photo by Roeland Roovers

Weekly Eindhoven News Report

Starting this week will bring you a short weekly roundup of  Eindhoven News. Our website is part of Telegraaf Media NL, probably known by you as (Dutch news) or (Dutch financial and business news). Please feel free to comment on our round up of the week’s news.

Machine gun fires at house Boutenslaan. Unknown suspects used machine guns when firing at a house on Boutenslaan (street).  The mayor of Eindhoven and the police suspect the shooting may be related to four earlier alleged drug-related incidents.

PSV Eindhoven beat Sampdoria. Eindhoven football club PSV move to the next stage in UEFA’s Europa League after beating Italian team Sampdoria of Genua. Swedish striker Ola Toivonen scored both goals in the away game.

Snow hits Eindhoven. This Thursday Eindhoven was hit by loads of snow falling from the sky. If you’d like to know how this affects your travel, visit the article and check out the GEENFILE-link.

Serious Request Glazenhuis (Glasshouse). This Friday, Dutch radio station 3FM will start building their Glasshouse on De Markt (the market square) in Eindhoven. Three of their DJs will live inside the glasshouse from 18 until 24 December – without food. You can watch them fasting through the glass walls. They’re raising money in support of the Dutch Red Cross. Last year seven million Euros were raised by the Glasshouse where it was set up in Groningen. This year it’s Eindhoven’s turn. All over Eindhoven events will take place in support of the DJs. You can find the latest round up of Glazenhuis news here:

The Dossier is proud to feature hard-nosed local news (as opposed to feel-good culture-y morsels) to Eindhoven citizens, future Eindhoven residents and the generally curious. The good folks at have put together this compilation in English, to keep you and me (!) up to date with what’s been happening in the city the last 7 days. Please note: most links are in Dutch!

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