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Press pause every Thursday at the Muziekgebouw Press pause every Thursday at the Muziekgebouw
March 24th, 2011

Every Thursday, for just one Euro coin (you can’t buy a coffee for less) you can be treated to a lovely lunchtime recital in the Rabobank Zaal at Eindhoven’s Muziekgebouw.

Today I took pause to sway dreamily to the technically (almost scientifically) crisp motions provided by one Natalja Korobanjko (1983), a Moscow-born Dutch resident. I did something novel, and didn’t show up on my own – I joined an Eindhoven expat meetup group. So, I had the pleasure of swooning in concert …

They don’t do soirées like they used to … They don’t do soirées like they used to …
March 13th, 2011

They do them better.
At the inaugural iamexpat soirée at one of Amsterdam’s many obscure restaurants/ exhibition spaces/ cosy spots for encounters – Canvas on the 7th – the atmosphere was warm. In fact this month I’d been planning to write mostly about spring, but this evening had something decidedly of summer about it. I felt like I was on holiday perhaps – murmurings of Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, German and Italian were to be heard at every turn (plus continental and native accented English), and Amsterdam’s international, expat core was to be seen milling about: all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Next stop please! Next stop please!
March 3rd, 2011

“The Netherlands has made a habit of producing some of the design world’s biggest names – Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Droog and Hella Jongerius, to reel off just a few. This month, at London’s Selfridges, however, it’s a younger generation that are making their mark,” Malaika Byng, Wallpaper*.

Food visionary Food visionary
January 18th, 2011

I just spoke to Franke Elshout for an hour, but it felt like 15 minutes. We talked about food, local produce, crockery, (as well as the bio-industry, stress management, beer). Franke (28) is one half of Keukenconfessies (Kitchen Confessions) with Maarten Lockefeer, a food design studio and catering company. She is a foodie, a teacher of food design at HASkennistransfer in Den Bosch, is a mother-to-be (at the time of writing, 10 weeks to go!) and I think of her as a philosopher. Her connection to food is creative, intuitive, and it’s also larger than life.

Much ado about music Much ado about music
January 16th, 2011

I need to take another Sunday afternoon to write a piece about why it’s important to make music.

But in the meantime, watch the video to see why it’s important it’s made in Eindhoven.

Great concert this afternoon, Lunapark – sorry I had to run away so quickly at the end, but want you guys to know it was a thoroughly enjoyable arvo!

Storm in a teapot over good music Storm in a teapot over good music
January 12th, 2011

This Sunday you can check out Lunapark’s Sturm im Wasserglas. Jazz organisation, Axesjazzpower, will present a literal storm in a water glass (or teapot). This concert is based on the name of a piece by Magnus Maier, for string quartet and drumkit (you can practically hear the ranting and raging when you picture that combination of sounds, right?). Sounds tantalising to me.

The book that could change your life The book that could change your life
January 6th, 2011

It’s a wonderful thing, to find a book that changes your life.

Twisted old ideas Twisted old ideas
January 3rd, 2011

Herzensart blog is by Sandra, who makes things from fabric and paper. You can find whimsical, affordable and quite useful (yes, crafty stuff is useful, particularly if you want to be in-the-moment, and get your head out of every day worries!). So, what would be super cute but totally unexpectedly dark and sinister around the festive season-of-light?

Eindhoven’s talents are no wall flowers Eindhoven’s talents are no wall flowers
December 23rd, 2010

I’ve been enjoying leafing through the January issue of Wallpaper* mag which is all about the future of design, architecture, cars, cooking, fashion and photography, and am chuffed to see Eindhoven mentioned in it more than one modest time.

Celebrating the film-maker Celebrating the film-maker
December 16th, 2010

We’ve all fallen prey to wandering lost in time when on – whether we’re at work, it’s a lazy Sunday or about to “quickly check our mail”; inevitably there’ll be some whacky link sent by a friend. Youtube videos have a time and a place, mostly meant to lighten your day. The films to be shown at this year’s first “Eindhovens Film Festival” aren’t often found on the interwebs. Read on to find out why.

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