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No, seriously, what’s the Glass House? No, seriously, what’s the Glass House?
December 13th, 2010

I’ve been checking some websites for a crystal clear explanation of what the Glazenhuis is, in English, but so far haven’t really found it. See below for what I think it is. (I’ve not been able to find a backgrounder on the Glass House/Serious Request phenomenon by 3FM). What’s the point of all these names? Why so many? Is it for fame or for fortune?

Echo and a hole Echo and a hole
December 10th, 2010

Echo Beatty and Tim Holehouse are playing at 9PM tonight at TAC, Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven.
I’ve checked out a few of their vids on youtube and they’re quite different. If you like music you can just drift away with, then Echo Beatty is just the ticket. If you want to see a bluesy (or sometimes, totally off his nut) young Tom Waits, then the Brit Tim Holehouse may be what you’re looking for. News Roundup: Week 49 News Roundup: Week 49
December 2nd, 2010

OverEindhoven News Roundup Week 49
The Dossier is proud to bring hard-nosed local news (as opposed to feel-good culture-y stuff) to Eindhoven residents, future Eindhoven residents and the just generally curious. The good folks at have put together this compilation for you, to keep you and me (!) up to date with what’s been happening in the city the last 7 days. This edition, there’s a shoot-em-up, a sports update and snow-traffic weather tip plus a preview on the Serious Request Glasshouse event that will descend upon Eindhoven in the coming weeks!

Contagious thinking Contagious thinking
November 30th, 2010

Who is TED? I remember discovering TED talks a few years ago when they launched a website some 23 years after it began, back in 1984. I still think the concept is brilliant, because the currency of our world runs on sharing ideas, not patenting or copyrighting them. TED – originally standing for technology, entertainment […]

Open Innovation for The Dossier Open Innovation for The Dossier
November 28th, 2010

Starting tomorrow, Open Innovation Week will reach all corners of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven will be no exception. The full week program has a range of useful meetups and information exchanges for those in the area of open innovation. However, is there anyone out there interested in writing a guest blog or sending me some text, tips, opinions or comments to make into a story to share with other readers? Could we try it as an experiment in the name of open innovation…?

STRP Festival impressions STRP Festival impressions
November 28th, 2010

Well, if you want to contemplate life, the pace of modern life, your youthful imagination, play, connect with ideas and other people, and take time to just slow down and smell the flowers, then STRP Festival was the best place to do it this weekend. As well as looking forward to another conference and more great international acts, like those put on over the last ten days, next year you must reserve one or two days out of next year’s festival to check out the EXPO good and proper. I know I will. Some great footage was captured, but I couldn’t do it justice (maybe later, though). STRP is an experience and one that must be done with all 5 senses. See you next year.

Esphere – what is the world coming to? Esphere – what is the world coming to?
November 26th, 2010

I’m sitting in the Klokgebouw at the STRPFestival Esphere Conference and am a bit overwhelmed about the world as we imagine it, at least, how the folks on the stage are envisioning it. Geert Lovink is on the podium now, saying that many people have different ideas about what the Internet of Things is as a concept, and that we will also shape it for the future. “Our influence, no matter small, even as artists in this obscure building in Eindhoven, should not be downplayed.” Even my being here today is part of the process, I guess. In my small way, while watching where the world may be going in art/technology I’m a co-creator of it. (Even though I’ve been sitting on my hands and being an observer/twitterer/blogger).

x marks this spot x marks this spot
November 23rd, 2010

Yep, and that spot is Eindhoven. It deserves a prominent place on the Netherlands’ map, and today I’ll review 10 publications and sites that prove it. None of the English language ones were around when I moved here. Such a void can make one feel like one is about to go and live in a backwater … The only resources I had to hand four years ago were dry, blue, uptight corporate sites mainly supplied by the local council, tourism board or Brainport. It’s good to see Eindhoven turning a corner and recognising its international-ness by supplying accessible resources. Tell me what I’ve missed, or which of these are you favourite references.

From the mouths of babes From the mouths of babes
November 22nd, 2010

Sadly, despite all the screaming we did on Saturday, no change in the government’s iron decision to cut funds for culture. Maybe they’d change their mind if they saw this speech which nearly made me cry on Saturday. Because Sep, only 9 years old, delivering his first public speech, told us why culture and expression is an absolutely essential factor of our human condition. Watch and weep (quietly while no one is watching).

Take a deep breath, and … Take a deep breath, and …
November 19th, 2010

Scream for culture along with the rest of the Netherlands. Tomorrow, practically every cultural institution in the Netherlands will be rallying together to demonstrate against financial measures being taken by the government in the area of arts and culture. Read more about this in the new weekly column, in English, at – it’s called Eindhoven Culture Files, and it’s written by me. Anyway, see you tomorrow at the 18 Septemberplein, and don’t forget to bring your best screaming voice (plus lots of water!)

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