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International meet-up to have glowing effects International meet-up to have glowing effects
November 3rd, 2010

Brainport is putting on a program for International peeps who want to hook up in Eindhoven.
Whether you like to dance, get the lowdown on expatty services and activities in the area, or if you’re interested in art, like to walk, hear stories, eat, see pretty lights … the list goes on! The Dossier will pop on down to check it out – maybe see you there?

You need to sign up! Click here for more info! Activities span the whole weekend, so you have lots of opportunities to make new friends.

There’s something about Myrte There’s something about Myrte
November 2nd, 2010

Myrte de Zeeuw is actually an established fashion designer at a large international company based in the Netherlands, but like everyone, she needs to escape the hectic pace of her professional life: she finds solace in her little bird subjects. The idea to start drawing them came to her while on a business trip in New York (as you do). A Northern Flicker crossed her path. Entranced by this encounter, it triggered her to tell his story. This is the story of Myrte’s sweet love affair with birds.

Emptying a home to fill it with talent Emptying a home to fill it with talent
October 31st, 2010

What I like about the idea of the House of Talent is that many of the designs to be seen during a week like this can be somewhat obtuse, hardly practical – bordering on art. There’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, sometimes you feel like you’re walking through a trade show or some sort of “home and interiors fair” which is a little bit uninspiring in terms of “design” in an important sense (mind you, beautiful stuff). What this House of Talent is, is three-fold. It creates a podium for a range of designers and it puts an interesting range of products in context. Then there’s the third bit. You need the talent of curators Nanning and Mischa to put the right pieces together, from the right curtain color to the complementary artwork (not part of the exhibition, but fitting nonetheless).

Converting deadwood into artefacts of wonder Converting deadwood into artefacts of wonder
October 31st, 2010

Dutch Invertuals have taken medieval oak and turned the crumbling former foundations to Eindhoven’s entrance from 600 years ago, into objects that encourage the contemplation of time, a respectful reflection on paper and printing and the notion of allowing an object to assert its own shape, rather than the other way around. Listen to the designers tell their stories in this short film. Fascinating and exciting work taking place in Eindhoven. One of the very best shows here during Dutch Design Week 2010.

No artificial flavourings: Nanine Linning’s Synthetic Twin No artificial flavourings: Nanine Linning’s Synthetic Twin
October 27th, 2010

Earlier today while numbly wandering through the Klokgebouw I started to worry about the stagnation of innovation, as I saw the tendency to re-hash design ideas and to the point we start to believe that those same old things are actually new. But tonight, my faith was restored. What I saw was a renewal of expression, the richness that a creative mind can give to telling an old story in a new way, or of finding a weird analogy that speaks for our times. Real, honest and anything but synthetic. This performance and this piece will stay with me for a while yet. Keep a close eye on this spot, for modern dance has won the attention of The Dossier … we may have to find a new category title for it. For now, it will go under music.

Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business
October 27th, 2010

When you attend a session promising business, design and sustainability, you do come with expectations. I expected to see designers speak, perhaps with some charismatic businesspeople, and that what we’d be shown would be inspired concepts. It is after all Dutch Design Week! But the first two presentations were by a development manager, followed by a technical designer type who walked us through rather dry business cases. The third had a passionate salesman/designer at the forefront, but where was the real story under it all? What gave us reason to call this a sustainability seminar? Where were the aspirational images and concepts?

Bright TV endorses Dutch design Bright TV endorses Dutch design
October 26th, 2010

According to the website: “Bright is the premium innovative lifestyle media brand in the Netherlands and Belgium covering and connecting digital technology, culture and design. Bright Magazine (circulation 125,000) was first published in February 2005. is our continuously updated news and video site.” They also have an iPhone app Bright.

The Bright TV crew were at DDW on Saturday and this is what they saw – so many impressions and so many good things to say about the work in Eindhoven. It’s in Dutch only.

Take some solemn fashion vows at DDW Take some solemn fashion vows at DDW
October 26th, 2010

This year’s fashion design highlights from all the major Dutch academies are on show, curated by talent scout Carlo Wijnands. Modebelofte 2010, the fourth edition now, gives recently graduated fashion talents the podium, from Amsterdam to Maastricht and from Arnhem to The Hague. And of course Eindhoven.

Collecting as a strategy to depict a social situation Collecting as a strategy to depict a social situation
October 25th, 2010

The Van Abbemuseum director, Charles Esche’s definition of “collection as a strategy to create an image of a social situation” is the perfect explanation of what it is The Dossier has been attempting to do since launching officially in June this year.

Dampeners that will lift your spirits Dampeners that will lift your spirits
October 25th, 2010

Fieldz is a new brand from Den Bosch (as we like to call it locally) – in full it’s ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I spoke to its founder, Marjan Veltkamp, who told me about her happy accident at finding a new way of uplifting and also calming people while keeping noise levels down. Her customers to date have been schools, physiotherapy clinics, offices and private clients. She also says she is astonished at how her idea has found a solid foothold already and threatens to burst completely out of control, and the future of her business is very promising. You can meet Marjan or see her acoustic work at Dutch Design Week in the Machinekamer on Strijp-S, in Eindhoven until 31 October.

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