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Popsters and popstars pop into Eindhoven

November 13th, 2010

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The travelling pop festival, Popronde ends, I believe, every year in Eindhoven. After touring through no fewer than 23 cities, 100 lucky pop bands that have been ‘unearthed’ get valuable live gig experience and access to new audiences and network connections. Other bands that have played at previous Poprondes are Go Back To The Zoo, Roosbeef, Voicst, Elle Bandita, Racoon, Lucky Fonz III, Sabrina Starke, Marike Jager, De Staat and The Mad Trist. All good news stories for this year’s batch of popsters – and they’re so young and full of beans! Their energy and creativity is palpable.

I particularly loved the exuberance of The Cosmic Carnival (and their name, too, fantastic!) and the “give-it-my-all” attitude and shameless happiness of Audioknights. My ears got a work out and my legs too, as our little band of pop fans had to weather furious Autumn weather and go to no fewer than 5 different venues within 5 hours. It was a quite amusing evening, full of mistaken (and completely implausible) identity, which my companions and I managed to continue commentary on, throughout the night (see photos below).

I’m sure the bands and the fans are still having a rockin’ night in the cosiness of Eindhoven’s many pubs, bars and concert halls. I have to say these couple of months since Summer ended have been uplifting; the buzz of city life and endless happenings in my town remind me of a previous life in another city on the other side of the world. From design, to light, to music – the opportunities to engage keep on rolling in. I’m looking forward to many more such chances as the days get shorter; on the up side, the nights are getting cosier and longer.

The Cosmic Carnival - my companion thought the lead guitarist looked like a young Ethan Hawke - at the snug Kaffee de Groot in the Wilheminaplein

Da crowd at de Groot

Little Things That Kill at Dynamo - my companion wondered whether the lead singer was her new Philips Design colleague? No, he confirmed to me via Twitter

Bird on the Wire at Bullit; super sweet, 2 girls and a guy

I am Oak's chilled sound would have suited a more quiet environ than ... anywhere in Stratumseinde. Hey! The guitarist on the right looked exactly like an ex-boyfriend ...

The Audioknights boys - just darling in every way; great playing, great mixing, great dancing and great vocals at Hoogste Tijd. The dark haired keyboard player, Hugo, looks like my faithful 'let's-go-dancing' best friend back home (but 15 years younger) ... and dances uncannily the same too!

Thanks for a great Friday night. Nothing like a bit of pop music to set your worries at ease and get you ready to rest at the weekend.

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