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Did that chair just sing something?

November 8th, 2010

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The Singing Chair

Here in Eindhoven we have just survived another Dutch Design Week, where objects are king and we like to talk with authority about how functional/beautiful/innovative they may be and how they add value to our lives or how these objects create a deeper understanding. Then there’s the Singing Chair – novel in approach, but helpful in making us think about what we think about things. As the PR material says “Carved from the finest woods from the South, comes a mind-bending celebration of post-digital design.” Great idea, but the detail I like most about it is the Dutchified interpretation of crooning; a sort of cross between soulful Leonard Cohen but the assertion that Dino Martino might also a musical influence.  I’d like to find out who the voice is behind the singing chair, but that’s not the point. It’s not computer programmed, it is a device that performs LIVE, which is another quirk that makes it likeable. Mind you, some people don’t like the singing chair. They might respect the chair, but they don’t like his voice. Just as well it’s a chair, and not a person – we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. Oh, is it a he?

The Singing Chair made its first appearance September in New York and is in the throes of its first European adventure, having just started off at the official opening of The Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (NL).

To echo more of the marketing gaff of the chair, “Yes, ladies and gents, it’s time to stop talking about chairs and let them talk back at us.”

Listen to the chair. Meh. It’s Monday.

Designer: Lucas Maassen
Film: Mike Roelofs

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