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Springtime in the bag

April 21st, 2011

Filed under: ART & DESIGN

Isn’t springtime wonderful? Don’t you wish you could just bottle it? Or even better, carry it around in (or on) your handbag? It’s soon going to be Easter and I’m fully in the swing of spring and all it inspires. Today I want to introduce you to a fresh and exciting accessories brand, Artessorio. One of its masterminds is Patray Lui, illustrator/designer whom I interviewed in 2010. She and Hong Kong friend, Vincci Law, now have an international company designing and producing unique, coloured leather handbags featuring sweet, whimsical design motifs – sometimes flowers, birds, even butterflies. Artessorio is for those who appreciate art and design and think they’d like to sling it over their shoulder every now and then – or every day. That is, Arte + Accessorio = Artessorio. Often delicate and soft, but not always! Sometimes they take the daring leap into cross-design waters, when they collaborate with the what seems like really fun bunch of people at the Wahahahfactory – and come up with strangely beautiful, yet thoroughly modern pieces such as the Studded Waist Belt.

A glimpse of the Artessorio stand at Paris's Pret-a-Porter expo

The last time I saw Patray was at the Ready to Wear Pret-a-Porter Spring/Summer expo in September, in Paris last year where she was showing the Spring/Summer collection. Since then Artessorio has been busy and has launched a men’s collection (City Dweller) as well as two new women’s collections. Hailed by all and sundry across Asia and Europe for their work, Artessorio is a brand worth watching. Check out Artessorio site for more eye candy (if handbags are your candy of choice). To place a wholesale order, you’ll need to contact There are online purchasing options at and Otherwise, next time you’re in Hong Kong, China or Malaysia you can handpick a sample in person. Click here for stockists’ details.

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