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Storm in a teapot over good music

January 12th, 2011

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Danny de Graan's version of Reich's Pendulum Music at the 2010 Flux-S Festival

The year is young, and it’s time to try new things. What about listening to some challenging and interesting music, performed by local pioneers?

This Sunday you can check out Lunapark’s Sturm im Wasserglas
Jazz organisation, Axesjazzpower, will present a literal storm in a water glass (or teapot). This concert is based on the name of a piece by Magnus Maier, for string quartet and drumkit (you can practically hear the ranting and raging when you picture that combination of sounds, right?). To spice things up a little more, Lunapark will also perform a new piece, by Danny de Graan, called Feed my speaker, for microphones, speakers and four of the Lunapark players. All sounds tantalising to me.

Lunapark and “digital folk music”
The ensemble have coined the term “digital folk music”, an experimental way of writing music with new instrumentalisation; or, in the minds of directors Anthony Fiumara and Arnold Marinissen: “swinging, obsessive, crystal clear, pulsing, process-based, unexpected clashes, blue sky view”. It’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea, this pushing-at-the-edges music (anti-muzak, if you will). Strange how contemporary art seems to be easier to swallow for people, but serious music of today poses an almost rigid resistance to change for the masses. For others and people like myself, Lunapark is at the forefront of the way forward for thinking about music in this region. What I like about Lunapark is the way they maintain respect for their predecessors whilst incorporating traditional instruments with a daring sensibility that keeps contemporary music just that – contemporary.

More ways to hear Lunapark players
If you didn’t have the chance to check out the numerous live performances that the ensemble gave in 2010 – in person, or on TV – now’s your chance.  And, if you end up missing this concert in the Witte Dame, don’t worry: they’ve just recorded a CD, called Flim.

Sunday 16 January 2011, 3 – 4.30pm
Witte Damezaal, Emmasingel 12, Eindhoven
Entry: €11  [€7 for students and cjp cardholders]


– Steve Reich – Pendulum Music
– Anthony Fiumara – Cloud Chamber
– Arthur Sauer – Joukahainen’s Defeat
– Danny de Graan – Feed My Speaker (world première)
– Kevin Volans – Walking Song
– Arnold Marinissen – Synaps, Long, Knie, Voet, Mond
Florian Magnus Maier – Sturm im Wasserglas


Margreet Niks [fluit, piccolo], Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer [klarinet],
Toon Bierman [piano], Arnold Marinissen [ slagwerk en ensembleleiding], Aart Strootman [gitaar], Janneke van Prooijen [viool], Annegret Maier-Lindenberg [altviool] en Bence Huszar [cello]

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