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Strawberries are in season

June 1st, 2011

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Stumbled across this organisation via the Strawberry Earth blog. Initiated in 2008 by Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike in December 2008 after they were inspired by the green movement in New York. They make sustainable issues cool for everyone, by taking a creative twist and having fun while caring for the planet. Aw.

Mette te Velde

They are having their major annual event this weekend, so if you’re in Amsterdam anywhere near the Timorplein, go to number 62, to Studio K. The two day the Strawberry Earth Film Festival will kick off on Friday, and an after party will cap it all off on the Saturday. Not only will you probably be inspired by what you see on the big screen, but you’ll be rubbing shoulders with enviro-conscious types with dress sense;  some of the money you spend will go towards making Studio K more sustainable.

More info? Click here. Online ticket purchases stop today at 3pm, so be quick! But … I’m sure you can buy them in person, though, if you just rock up.
Timorplein 62
1094 CC Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 6920422

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