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Summer smorgasbord

June 21st, 2010


Summer in Eindhoven

Today’s the Summer solstice. The Dossier has just realised there’s simply too much to do, see, hear or follow as Summer starts in Eindhoven. Be greedy, be selective, just take your pick …

More details to come, but here’s what’s on offer this weekend alone:

  • Keuken Confessies‘ sun deck party at the Klokgebouw, Friday 25 June
  • Via Ventosa street party at TAC (Temporary Art Centre), Sunday 27 June
  • Architecture Days An ongoing project on redefining adaptive reuse in Eindhoven at La Citta Mobile, Friday 25 – Sunday 27 June
  • Inspiration Days Sustainability festival with organic market, exhibitions, films, live music, lectures, educational and innovative challenges, Saturday 26 – Monday 28 June
  • Autonomy Project Summer School hosted by the Van Abbemuseum, Monday 28 June – Friday 2 July
  • Venus Project Tour visit to Eindhoven at the ISCE in the Philips Tower, Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 June – check out the video!

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