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Observations at an art gallery Observations at an art gallery
June 20th, 2011

By Chris Rawlins, guest blogger
There’s something terribly wrong with the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. As I went around, I felt it more and more. By the end of my visit, I knew exactly what it was. Van Gogh’s paintings are taking up too much space!

They don’t do soirées like they used to … They don’t do soirées like they used to …
March 13th, 2011

They do them better.
At the inaugural iamexpat soirée at one of Amsterdam’s many obscure restaurants/ exhibition spaces/ cosy spots for encounters – Canvas on the 7th – the atmosphere was warm. In fact this month I’d been planning to write mostly about spring, but this evening had something decidedly of summer about it. I felt like I was on holiday perhaps – murmurings of Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, German and Italian were to be heard at every turn (plus continental and native accented English), and Amsterdam’s international, expat core was to be seen milling about: all dressed up with somewhere to go.