Discover Eindhoven, The Netherlands in this catalogue of creative happenings

No worries around here – Berlin No worries around here – Berlin
August 24th, 2010

See the video for how the Berliners create some nostalgia and a no worries atmosphere with the 1950s/60s antique shop and icecreamery in Shoeneberg, Sorgenfrei. The decor is a visual cacophony of kitsch, but all of the highest quality. The sofas we sat on and the table we sat at were for sale, as were the cushions, lamps, and possibly even the crockery. The music ranged from Buddy Holly to The Platters. We sat and talked about our grandparents’ furniture, and then pretended we were at Betty Draper’s house for afternoon tea.

No horsing around – this is a perfect haircut No horsing around – this is a perfect haircut
August 20th, 2010

When you walk into The Ponyclub Berlin you will be immediately charmed by the decor. When you meet your hairdresser, if it’s Diana, then you’ll see she is the spitting image of Keira Knightly. Lithe and tall, chiseled of feature, she sported the very same mane that her doppelgänger wore in the Pirates trilogy; long, blonding, tumbling and feminine. (Yes, one could argue that she looks like a young Julia Roberts, aka Horse Face, but I don’t really want to make that link to this wonderful establishment.). When you add nice interior design and model hairdresser, you think this is gonna be expensive.

In the eye – Berlin In the eye – Berlin
August 19th, 2010

Eindhoven needs a photography gallery. One cannot help but be inspired by the industry and entrepreneurship of Berliners. Eindhoven (inadvertently or intentionally, who knows?) models itself on patterns to be found everywhere in Berlin – we too have the abandoned buildings (see the brilliant Berlin blog Adaptive Reuse) and designer hairstyles. Of course Eindhoven is small fry compared to the intense cold and dark heritage of Berlin, but yeah, the concept of hergebruik (adaptative reuse) is no stranger to the Dutch artists … and my hairdresser’s staff (Faces) frequently pop eastwards to Berlin for hair cut and colour refresher courses. That’s a start.

A piece of the Berlin DMY A piece of the Berlin DMY
June 16th, 2010

Last week on Friday 11 June, Berlin announced the International Design Festival 2010 DMY winners For use/numen: Tape Installation, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders: Tafelstukken and EPFL+ECAL Lab: Give me more. Congratulations to Eindhoven locals, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders!