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Next stop please! Next stop please!
March 3rd, 2011

“The Netherlands has made a habit of producing some of the design world’s biggest names – Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Droog and Hella Jongerius, to reel off just a few. This month, at London’s Selfridges, however, it’s a younger generation that are making their mark,” Malaika Byng, Wallpaper*.

Eindhoven’s talents are no wall flowers Eindhoven’s talents are no wall flowers
December 23rd, 2010

I’ve been enjoying leafing through the January issue of Wallpaper* mag which is all about the future of design, architecture, cars, cooking, fashion and photography, and am chuffed to see Eindhoven mentioned in it more than one modest time.

Emptying a home to fill it with talent Emptying a home to fill it with talent
October 31st, 2010

What I like about the idea of the House of Talent is that many of the designs to be seen during a week like this can be somewhat obtuse, hardly practical – bordering on art. There’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, sometimes you feel like you’re walking through a trade show or some sort of “home and interiors fair” which is a little bit uninspiring in terms of “design” in an important sense (mind you, beautiful stuff). What this House of Talent is, is three-fold. It creates a podium for a range of designers and it puts an interesting range of products in context. Then there’s the third bit. You need the talent of curators Nanning and Mischa to put the right pieces together, from the right curtain color to the complementary artwork (not part of the exhibition, but fitting nonetheless).

How design leads to understanding How design leads to understanding
October 24th, 2010

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp’s opening words to press at the Graduation Show Design Academy yesterday spoke of how the students of her institution are encouraged to treat design as a language to help them make sense of the world. This little video will give a taster to those who need convincing to go along – and a feel for what they’ve missed out on for those who can’t make it (or choose to pass on this one). Worth spending a bit of money on seeing how the designers of tomorrow are thinking. Though not a lot of it is truly new, much of it practical and above all very beautiful.
Design Academy Eindhoven, (deWitteDame), Emmasingel 14, 5611 AZ Eindhoven

A question of time A question of time
September 7th, 2010

Can’t write long, no time. Came back from holidays a week ago, dashed over to Paris at the weekend, everyone’s flooded me with assignments / interviews / podiatrist appointments and the like. Hardly a moment to remember to eat / drink / shower. Have arranged to get rid of my other half this evening so I can find a spare minute to write down everything I need to do in the next 2 weeks, and scratch myself. Argh! Maybe the “Questioning Time” symposium at the Design Academy holds the answer/s?

Eindhoven’s cultural heartbeat Eindhoven’s cultural heartbeat
July 15th, 2010

The New York Times’ Alice Rawsthorn was recently in Eindhoven, to be a guest examiner at the Masters Projects show earlier this month. In her article she praises the inspired approach our graduands take towards design – notions such as using the power of viruses for good, or developing a fungus that will break down plastic. And even more: “The process of co-designing, customization, design democracy, participation, individualization and whatever else it is called is one of the most important themes in contemporary design,” says Rawsthorn.

Start off your July with some of this stuff … Start off your July with some of this stuff …
July 1st, 2010

We’re not sure whether this uncharacteristic summer weather will keep up for the weekend let alone very far into July, but here are some of the things going on in Eindhoven soon-ishly:
Autonomy Project closing party at the WEI, Design Academy Students and the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest (Royal Concerthall Orchestra) have collaborated in Het Orkest (The Orchestra) – see what they have done at the Schellens Fabriek; Sunny SingerSongwriter Sunday #1 at TAC (Temporary Art Centre) and Zimmer Frei (Vacant Room in German) will also be a-happening at Schellens. See you there – tjuuus!