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FLIM makes a solid debut FLIM makes a solid debut
May 23rd, 2011

When you experience a new CD (remember those?), you need to internalise it, deep deep down. Like, let it seep into your skin, and right into your muscles, heart and bones – into your very nature and the roots of you. I’ve only listened to Flim, by Lunapark, three or four times. And right now I’m listening to it to double check how my music-receptors are going. Yep, they’re workin’ okay.

Pushing the boundaries of Brabant-based music Pushing the boundaries of Brabant-based music
September 12th, 2010

These last four years in Eindhoven, I have really missed being challenged and delighted by the industry and creativity of contemporary music ensembles. The inertia is over now, and I can help in the movement to push locals to partake in the fruits of Lunapark ensemble’s labours. I say hallelujah, a sentiment befitting a Sunday.