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Siphoning identity – Sue Williamson Siphoning identity – Sue Williamson
June 18th, 2010

I had the esteemed honour of meeting South African artist and writer, Sue Williamson at an MU lecture this evening. The purpose of her talk was to give context to the current exhibition at MU, … For Those Who Live in It – ‘it’ being possibly “a globalised metropolis”, “a cutting edge art scene” or “a context existing in dynamic tension with the effects of politics, economics, culture and history,” according to the exhibition notes. What does it mean to be young/black/white/gay/straight/an artist today, in South Africa? What does it mean for South Africans or for anyone else who wants to know? An intimate group of 30 very engaged audience members drank in the images and stories that Sue proffered.

For those who live in it For those who live in it
June 18th, 2010

Tonight South African critic and author Sue Williamson will give a lecture, at 8pm in the MU in de Witte Dame, on the recently produced South African Art Now. ” …. for those who live in it” in the broader context of contemporary art and pop culture in South Africa. She is something of a hero to a South African friend of mine – look forward to hearing Sue speak.

Unforgettable – Julie Verhoeven Unforgettable – Julie Verhoeven
November 19th, 2009

In the opening words, the work of multi-disciplinary artist Julie Verhoeven’s was described several times by Francesca Gavin, to be “break-away”. Special hand painted editions of Verhoeven’s book, Bit of Rough, containing Francesca’s foreward were available for purchase. Fair enough. I was stimulated about being able to explore the space, to be wowed and to be pushed to see fashion and art in a way I’d never imagined.