Discover Eindhoven, The Netherlands in this catalogue of creative happenings

A couple of things to hold onto while surfing into 2011 A couple of things to hold onto while surfing into 2011
November 17th, 2010

Is it just me? Is there anyone else out there feeling the adrenalin rush of riding the wave of post-summer pre-silly season activity as the year draws to a close?

A question of time A question of time
September 7th, 2010

Can’t write long, no time. Came back from holidays a week ago, dashed over to Paris at the weekend, everyone’s flooded me with assignments / interviews / podiatrist appointments and the like. Hardly a moment to remember to eat / drink / shower. Have arranged to get rid of my other half this evening so I can find a spare minute to write down everything I need to do in the next 2 weeks, and scratch myself. Argh! Maybe the “Questioning Time” symposium at the Design Academy holds the answer/s?

You say hello, and I say … hello You say hello, and I say … hello
September 4th, 2010

Tomorrow, you can toddle along to the Hallo Cultuur! event in Eindhoven, where all the cultural institutions will be opening their very wide arms to accept a very broad audience, with a range of activities and performances to show what they do and let us all have a taste of let’s call it “organised culture”. By coming along, you’ll be actively living your cultural life. Whether you subscribe to season tickets to the Parktheatre remains to be seen, but it doesn’t matter. Live. And say hello (or ‘hallo’) to lots of other people experimenting with a different facet of their personal approach to culture.

Extinguishing the flames of inspiration Extinguishing the flames of inspiration
June 26th, 2010

We were a motley crew: students, local hippies, scholars and even Wubbo Ockels was there – the first Dutchman to go into outer space 25 years ago. Almost everyone had something to say. But was the debate inspiring? Can we really make a difference or will we just go along with the greenwash? Debate Competition, Saturday 26 June, Inspiration Days 2010

I am not an illustrator I am not an illustrator
June 17th, 2010

“If I look back, the drawings have become more detailed. Not focused on the dog anymore, but on his surroundings. The only things you can alter are if his eye is pointing up or down, or moving his tail. If you want to give a message about what you’re drawing, it comes from the environment. So he’s actually been getting smaller and smaller as I’ve gone on.” Patray Lui, not an illustrator.

Silent Night, Holy Night Silent Night, Holy Night
December 4th, 2009

A reflection on Werkplaats van de stilte