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Take some solemn fashion vows at DDW

October 26th, 2010

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Promising in every way - delicate yet confident

This year’s fashion design highlights from all the major Dutch academies are on show, curated by talent scout Carlo Wijnands Modebelofte 2010, the fourth edition now, gives recently graduated fashion talents the podium, from Amsterdam to Maastricht and from Arnhem to The Hague. And of course Eindhoven. “Belofte” in Dutch means “vow” or “promise”. In both senses of both words, the exhibition mostly delivers.

What there was exciting, to me?

Striking yet flowy - work by Annienke van Hofwegen

There was the delicate silhouettes by Annienke van Hofwegen in mustardy brown. Her cape which attaches at the neck with finger-like leather strap doesn’t look comfortable but it certainly iconic.

Ingo Binders mysterious urban man

The streetwear of Ingo Binder provides a sort of nomadic, wiseman feel for urban warriors and travellers.

Woven ceramic by Judith Peskens

Then there was the stark woven ceramic mat that particularly caught my attention by Judith Peskens.

Form, function and material combine for Erika's shoe fitting seat

I enjoyed the bamboo chair by Erika Dekker, the function of which is to assist doing up your shoes. You sort of climb into it, and sit on the higher seat part and then place the foot requiring the shoe on the little platform inside.

Fresh but subdued colors, focus on construction, and interesting approaches to material, with a great emphasis on natural fabrics such as leather and bamboo. This is serious work, and are directions in fashion that can be taken with gravity. Do take a look, but I must say I had difficulty reading some of the labels which were designed with a diagonal split of block red and green (the reason for this was not apparent to me) – impossible to read. Luckily the work speaks for itself.

De Krabbedans, deWitteDame (ground floor)
Clausplein 10
5611 XP Eindhoven

Open every day until 31 October from 11 – 6pm, except for Friday when it’s open until 8pm. Entry is free.

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