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Contagious thinking

November 30th, 2010

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Contagious thinking ... where learning happens in groups

Who is TED?
I remember discovering TED talks a few years ago when they launched a website some 23 years after it began, back in 1984. I still think the concept is brilliant, because the currency of our world runs on sharing ideas, not patenting or copyrighting them. TED – originally standing for technology, entertainment and design – is a platform for world class key speakers who are invited to talk about an area of their expertise in an inspiring way (which is most of the time), for only 18 minutes each. Their tagline: “Ideas worth spreading.” And the word is spreading, like wildfire or a pandemic.

A conference with rampant strains
The phenomenon has created a life of its own, as well controversy such as lack of diversity and elitism in its membership and target audience … but all that aside – the interesting thing is that for a conference, there are no breakout sessions as everyone participates in the same program. You’d think that it wouldn’t be interactive, but the online presence of TED seems to make up for the static nature of the main conference. And there are so many spin out mini conferences around the world, everyone should easily be able to find a way of accessing TED other than online.
If you can’t get to an event and want to treat your mind, then this page hassome of the best TED Talks out of the archives.
And if you’re in the Netherlands and want to get a sort of live hit, then you just missed your chance because TEDx Amsterdam is being broadcast today, and being streamed live in Eindhoven too of course … so by the time you read this, it’ll be old news.

Catch creativity another way
But given that I was a bit late with posting, take solace in the timelessness of idea-sharing.
Here’s a creative rendering of one of the classic TED Talks by Sir Ken Robinson.

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