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The book that could change your life

January 6th, 2011

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This is not technically an Eindhoven book.
But it’s a book I found in Aachen. I then read it in Eindhoven.
(Eep, I’m starting off the year with somewhat increasingly obtuse links to Eindhoven, but bear with me.) This book is the starting point of a multi-part investigation into food in future The Dossier entries.
What’s the book? Eating Animals, by the quite brilliant Jonathan Safran Foer.
Three years to write, taking the points of view of ranchers, slaughterhouse workers, his own grandmother and son, Jonathan Safran Foer challenges us to ask where our food comes from. He asks us whether we can rightfully continue to “not know” or to “forget” what our diet choices might mean for our bodies, our families, our personal stories and the world at large. If you’ve read the book, maybe check out the online forum:

Mitchell Feinberg for The New York Times

A festive Christmas table, without a shred of fish or meat on it
These are perhaps the sort of concepts you should toy with when the decade clicks  onto another, and, like me, you wonder what happened to your value system these last 10 years. It was a complete coincidence or perhaps a serendipitous moment that made me pick up Eating Animals in the first place. You see, for some reason, this year I scorned tradition and prepared a completely vegetarian Christmas dinner this year (I hadn’t even read the book at that point).
I have been a vegetarian in the past, and often eat vegetarian-ly now and then, but reading the book has reminded me of the mantra I lived by at age 18, half my life ago: the body is a temple. So, some of the stories you’ll see coming up on The Dossier will be food reviews on how one can get a good vegetarian feed in Eindhoven, or where to buy organic meat that has been family farmed (I hope I can find evidence of this, in any case), and how to enjoy feeding your body!

What’s in it for you?
In many of the food stories which I’ll write more of this year, I hope to present local options for those who like food. And in case you’re a reader who does eat meat, vegetarian food is healthy, tasty and accessible to all.

It’s a wonderful thing, to find a book that changes your life.

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