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Twisted old ideas

January 3rd, 2011

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More of the same, but different
This year, The Dossier is going to focus on creative people, ideas and sometimes happenings, through themes, rather than go with the flow of events. The thinking behind this is to take a little more control over editorial and thereby more doors will open up. Eindhoven is very much an event driven city, but that doesn’t mean it has to be documented as such.

A domino effect of inspiration
So, for the first entry of the year, I am going to share a blog entry from another blog which was amusing, charming (particularly to those with a creative streak) and interesting because it’s an English language blog on arts and crafts, by a German and I found it on an Australian blog by a dear friend of mine. Its connection to Eindhoven? It’s tenuous to say the least.  I’m a person living in Eindhoven and I think it’s something creative worth sharing. And I know there are  readers out there (locals and others as well) who will be delighted by the little man on show below. For artsy-fartsy stuff, it’s anything but schmaltzy and twee, no … this one’s a hard-core concept done in a winning way.

Not what you think
Herzensart blog is by Sandra, who makes things from fabric and paper. You can find whimsical, affordable and quite useful (yes, crafty stuff is useful, particularly if you want to be in-the-moment, and get your head out of every day worries!). In the entry in the link below, she makes a jumping jack. (You know, those cardboard-paper forms which have moving parts when you pull on a string). So, what would be super cute but totally unexpectedly dark and sinister to make around the festive season-of-light? That’s right, Sandra shows you how to make your own Jack-the-Ripper paper jumping jack. I think it’s priceless. Enjoy!

(Sound effects: ree-ree-ree-ree-ree! as you pull on the string five times consecutively).

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