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June 23rd, 2010

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The Gift (Carl Erik Rinsch)

It’s not exactly that new, but it’s something worth sharing with The Dossier readers.

Back on 8 April 2010 Philips, Ridley Scott and a range of cutting edge directors released 5 short films as part of the launch of the Philips Cinema 21:9: the first ever cinema sized home television by the electronics giant. It’s no secret that the teevee industry is in the doldrums, with ever sinking sales and the commoditisation of what was once razor-sharp top-notch technology. So these days, a model’s success all boils down to marketing and in this instance, Philips has done a very nice job of it indeed.

This campaign is exciting on several levels. One, because Eindhoven is Philips’ homeground – another reason to clap this little town on the back. Two, because we love Ridley Scott’s film sensibility (hm, film 2 harks back to Blade Runner, ah such a classic). And three, you get to co-create by making and uploading your reaction to these films on YouTube but also stand to win some decent prizes and glory. I mean, who wouldn’t want to win a week’s work experience at RSA (Ridley’s company), film credits on the official Parallel Lines website and their own home cinema telly?

Clever little trick, but also a nice creative challenge, if you feel like recruiting a bunch of friends one weekend to play extras in your international celluloid debut! Fourth level is that it’s the first time that a 21:9 cinematic format was seen on the internet, so that’s a technie plus.

I don’t want to give any more details away as I found the pseudo-cinematic experience and the discovery of this concept quite a delight – I’d hate to spoil the surprise for you! Check out the site and see!

But to get things started, check out my favourite of the five and maybe watch the others and tell us your fave – or maybe what your own film response was?

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