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You say hello, and I say … hello

September 4th, 2010


Hallo Cultuur! is one day in the Eindhoven calendar dedicated to getting regular people connected to culture. What I think is funny about this word, “culture”, in any language, is that people reckon you have to be of a certain class or type to have the right to like it. But culture is everything around us. We all eat, and shop. We all think. We all relax at weekends. We all work. So… there are food cultures, there’s fashion. There’s philosophy. There are attitudes to sport and rest, and work cultures too. There’s nothing about culture that we don’t already participate in. All of us.

Then there’s high brow culture. This term conjures up a concept that it has to be difficult, and accessible only to those who went to private school (are there even private schools in the Netherlands? I don’t know!), and to be a partaker you should be wearing boat shoes and a Lacoste polo with an upturned collar / Manolos and a Tiffany bangle. Wrong! I think art, music, the opportunity to live an emotional life, the chance to reflect a moment on how others live – to double check that we’re all the same and experience similar things (or different, as the case may be) are things we all need in order to keep our lives going and to make sure they’re meaningful.

Get your Hallo Cultuur! booklet in town (in Dutch only)

That’s my bit of soap-box preaching for the day. Tomorrow, you can toddle along to the Hallo Cultuur! event in Eindhoven, where all the cultural institutions will be opening their very wide arms to accept a very broad audience, with a range of activities and performances to show what they do and let us all have a taste of let’s call it “organised culture”. By coming along, you’ll be actively living your cultural life. Whether you end up with a subscription of season tickets to the Parktheatre remains to be seen, but it doesn’t matter. Live. And say hello (or ‘hallo’) to lots of other people experimenting with a different facet of their personal approach to culture.

Ah, too many places of note to visit, so check out:

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