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A perfectly lyrical, Virginian balance

September 28th, 2010

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Devon's adoring gaze

Hopefully the video (below) says it all but I will say this: Devon Sproule is a walking talking button, (cute-as), and the literally hair-raising story her other half Paul Curreri told about a night of too much Nina Simone and wine, and a dodgy Dutch french manicure (ah, you had to be there) left me shuddering in silent laughter – even as he ripped fiercely through his next piece. Whimsical yes, but not tortured or flighty. I firmly liked these two, their quiet humour and their camaraderie, their respect for us and each other, and their texts.

There are several things that struck me about this folky man and wife I-thought-duo based in Virginia, but two things stood out. One was that they told us how they don’t often tour or play together (they do other things together, ooh-la-la); the other was that in the beginning of this concert at Meneer Frits – brought to us by the talent-scouting genius of Ad van Meurs – I felt that Devon watched and listened to her husband in spellbound admiration, and perhaps it was not equally reciprocated. It turns out that Paul courted her for “a few years”, plying her with custom-written songs before she acquiesced to his advances. My newest additions to my CD collection: Songs for Devon Sproule by Paul Curreri (oh, so romantic!), and Devon Sproule live in London, by Devon Sproule.

Their lyrics are magical, and remind me how I miss being around native English wordsmiths. Their contrasting powers – Devon’s poetry and Paul’s ferocity, her gesticulated adoration and his silent worship, make for a perfectly lyrical, Virginian balance. Watch, enjoy, and anticipate their return to the Netherlands along with me.

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